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2018 Ford Mustang - UK RHD - MY18 - Launch

The current 2017MY Mustang finishes production in September and right-hand drive New 2018 Mustang production will not begin until December, leaving a 2-month gap in production and 3-4 month delivery lead time before the new car arrives in market.

The December production contains centrally placed orders in a fixed specification only, for showroom display only. Customers will be able to see these new specification Mustangs that match the Presell brochure and advertising campaign for the first time in our showroom from late March 2018. Once the vehicle is revealed at the Frankfurt Motorshow on the 11th September, new order creation will be enabled to cater for early customer demand.

Full specification and pricing of the New 2018 Mustang will be announced on 11th October.

Customer deliveries expected from April 2018

This page contains early information and subject to change as more production and order information is known


O Option

□ Available as part of Custom Pack

*Availability of body stripes and black contrast roof depends on engine and body style selected.

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